How to Perm Your Hair With Jumbo Rods?

Answer Salon perms can be costly. However, you can save money by perming your hair at home. You will need a friend to comb, roll and apply the perm solution for you. After you perm your hair with jumbo ro... Read More »

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How to Set Hair on Perm Rods?

Perms are beautiful, but they are permanent. A special night on the town or another special event such as a wedding or prom is a fleeting event. Such events require a temporary hairstyle, not a per... Read More »

How to Wrap Hair in Perm Rods?

There are so many home perm products available in grocery stores, drug stores and beauty supply stores. The way the rods are wrapped, though, make a huge difference in the quality of the permanent ... Read More »

What Do Different Perm Rods Do?

Perms had their triumph in the '80s, but today, some people still seek long lasting curls. A perm breaks down the structural component of the hair and essentially reprograms it to take a new shape.... Read More »

How to Put Rods in for a Perm?

Are you tired of sporting the straight-hair look? Do you want luxurious curls that fall into place without falling flat? Perm rods can help you get the look you desire. By using perm rods, you can ... Read More »