How to Perform the Walking Throw Drill for the Discus Throw?

Answer The walking throw drill for the discus allows the athlete to move through the different positions in a slow concentrated manner, to help better understand how the movement should feel at full speed.

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How to Perform the Pirouette Drill for the Discus Throw?

The Pirouette drill for the discus helps the athlete to establish balance in the entry of the discus throw. The athlete must enter the throw balanced and in control in order to maximize his potential.

How to Perform the a Drill for the Glide Shot Put Throw?

The A-Drill for the glide shot put breaks the full movement into parts, allowing the athlete to focus on individual positions.

How to Throw a Discus?

Discus throwing dates back to at least 708 BC.[1] During the time, a Greek sculptor named Byron created his famous statue, 'Discobolus', which was a discus thrower,[2] and the famous poet, Homer, m... Read More »

How to Perform a Shoulder Throw?

A shoulder throw is characterised by the arm of the person being thrown being over the thrower's shoulder. Shoulder throws are a perfect defence from a rear grab in which the aggressor's arm is aro... Read More »