How to Perform an Automatic Transmission Flush at Home?

Answer If you have an automatic transmission in your vehicle then you should have the transmission fluid flushed to keep your vehicle well maintained. The transmission is often forgotten until problems a... Read More »

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How to Flush Automatic Transmission Oil?

Flushing the transmission fluid is slightly more complicated than flushing the engine oil but can be done by the average shade tree mechanic. This service is vital maintenance for any new car and i... Read More »

DIY Automatic Transmission Flush?

The automobile automatic transmission requires regular service and maintenance like any other vehicle component. The transmission has many intricate parts that require a clean and cool atmosphere t... Read More »

How to Flush an Automatic Transmission?

The transmission fluid is one of the more commonly forgotten fluids in your vehicle. But just as with engine oil, the transmission fluid needs to be kept fresh. You don't need to change the fluid e... Read More »

How do I perform a transmission flush?

PreparationDrive your car around until it gets to normal running temperature. Turn off the car, and jack up the front end, placing jack stands securely under the axles. Place a 5-gallon bucket unde... Read More »