How to Perform a Valve Adjustment on a Honda Civic 1.5L?

Answer The valve train on your Honda equipped with the 1.5-liter, four-cylinder engine is an overhead cam design. As the lobe on the camshaft rotates, it moves the rocker arm and opens the valve. In this ... Read More »

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How to Perform a Valve Adjustment?

Each car engine contains intake and exhaust valves. When the engine is running, these need to open a specific amount to allow the car to run smoothly. This clearance varies depending on the model o... Read More »

How to Change a PCV Valve in a Honda Civic?

The PCV, or positive crankcase ventilation valve, is a vital engine component. Although small, it performs the necessary task of removing combustion gases from the crankcase and sending them throug... Read More »

How to Replace the PCV Valve in a '91 Honda Civic?

Replacing the PCV valve on the engine in your 1991 Honda Civic ensures the crankcase is properly vented and the pressure inside the engine remains where it belongs. The valve allows unburned gases ... Read More »

How to Replace the Valve Stems on a Honda Civic?

Faulty valve stems on your Honda Civic can be the cause of air leaking from your tires. When this occurs, it's time to change the valve stem. Thankfully, changing a valve stem is relatively easy an... Read More »