How to Perform a Magic Trick?

Answer This WikiHow page will teach you how to perform a simple card trick. It is quite simple, but it will always amaze your audience. What you need: 21 normal playing cards, a person willing to try it.

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How to Perform a Simple but Good Magic Trick?

This magic trick is easy, yet magical enough to make your 'victim' bemused.

How to Perform the Healed and Sealed Magic Trick?

Imagine this: you get an empty, dented soda can out of a trash bin. You give the can a little shake, and the can starts to re form and pop out the dents. You rub the opening of the can and it seals... Read More »

How to Perform the "False Shuffles" Magic Card Trick?

This magic trick is really simple. All you have to do is just put the cards in brand new deck order, give them a couple of cuts and shuffles, and the deck will never change.

How to Do a Mind Trick Magic Trick?

This magic trick is fun (as in it is more of a joke than a trick) but it's not great if it doesn't work. Practice it well on helpful friends before performing it live.