How to Perform Effective & Positive Communication to Co-Workers & Customers?

Answer When dealing with customers and co-workers, it is important to demonstrate effective communication skills. Effective communication in the workplace can help you maintain positive relationships, avo... Read More »

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Effective Managerial Communication to Shift Workers?

To successfully train, motivate and engage employees, a manager needs a solid relationship with them, allowing employees to feel like valued members of the company. One of the key skills for any ma... Read More »

What is positive effective communication?

You can communicate feelings, ideas, facts and concerns in a positive or negative way. Positive effective communication means that you speak clearly, listen actively and try to achieve desired resu... Read More »

Communication Fallacies & Effective Communication?

One of the major impediments to effective communication is faulty or fallacious reasoning. A fallacy is any fault in logic or reasoning, or any misconception arrived at by means of faulty reasonin... Read More »

What Are the 7C's of Effective Communication?

Effective communication means getting your message across, succinctly, clearly and kindly, so that the recipient knows just what you mean and can respond with similar clarity. This cycle for smooth... Read More »