How to Pay for HIV/AIDS Costs Using Life Insurance Policies?

Answer Treatment for HIV/AIDS, like many other long-term illnesses, can mean devastating medical bills on top of the emotional distress of suffering from the disease. Even with health insurance, the risin... Read More »

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Do package policies increase insurance company costs?

In any business, where there exists a time-work-for-price factor, a proportional adjustment between any of the three 3 will result in a real difference in cost of 'production' to the company.Normal... Read More »

How many life insurance policies can one have?

As long as you can pay the premium, there is no limit to how many life insurance policies you may own. If purchasing multiple policies, remember to keep a master copy of all the information in a sa... Read More »

How to Trace Life Insurance Policies?

Life insurance policies are contracts between the policy owner and insurance company. While beneficiaries are listed, the beneficiaries may never know that a policy exists and therefore they may no... Read More »

Are life insurance policies taxable?

On One Hand: Insurance Payouts Are Not TaxableIn general, insurance payouts are not taxable income. They are paid for with after-tax dollars and are intended to assist people and families during ti... Read More »