How to Pay Your Tuition or Fees for University of Colorado Boulder Students?

Answer At CU Boulder every student has to pay tuition to attend classes and/or live on campus. By a certain date all of the student's fees/tuition need to be paid. For some students or parents this can be... Read More »

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How to Set Up Xbox Live in a Dorm at the University of Colorado, Boulder?

This article is for students staying in a dorm at the University of Colorado, Boulder who would like to setup Xbox Live on any version of Xbox. This article does not apply to other gaming devices o... Read More »

When is the university of Colorado at boulder ROTC commissioning ceremony?

Do you think the changes in tuition fees will erect a series of problems for students?

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The university should reduce tuition for those students who maintained an A average during the previous year.?

The problem with that is that it would encourage students to get pointless degrees. For instance: I have a bad GPA but I have a Civil Engineering degree... yet another student has a great GPA but i... Read More »