How to Pay Off Derogatory Items on a Credit Report and Increase the Score?

Answer Charge-offs, past-due accounts and other derogatory information are bad for your credit scores. Excellent scores that were once in the upper 700s can fall to the low 500s or even lower because of n... Read More »

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What does derogatory information mean on a credit report?

Derogatory information on a credit report is any entry that the credit scoring models consider negative. Derogatory credit report entries--such as a foreclosure, collection account or late payment-... Read More »

What Does Key Derogatory Mean When It Is Listed on My Credit Report for My Home?

When you apply for a home loan, the lender makes an inquiry of your credit history to determine the risk of loaning money to you. "Key derogatory" accounts listed in your credit report can prevent ... Read More »

What does key derogatory mean when it is listed on my credit report for my home?

A key derogatory in a credit file means there is a significant negative item listed on the account. On a mortgage account that has not gone into foreclosure, a key derogatory notation is likely to ... Read More »

How long does derogatory data affect a credit score?

Derogatory information on your credit report typically affects your credit score for seven years, except for Chapter 7 bankruptcies, which remain for a decade. The older derogatory data is, the sma... Read More »