How to Pay Independent Contractors in Quickbooks?

Answer Quickbooks is software designed by Intuit that assists businesses with managing their financial and accounting information. Quickbooks can be used to manage payroll for all the employees within a b... Read More »

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How to Pay Independent Contractors on QuickBooks?

Although independent contractors may provide services for your business similar to an employee, you must not classify or pay your contractor as an employee through Quickbooks. Independent contracto... Read More »

Do Independent Contractors Have to Pay Social Security Tax?

Yes, and even more than employees. Social Security and Medicare are funded through payroll deductions. Together, the total tax rate on wages up to $106,800 to cover these programs is 15.3%. Employe... Read More »

How to List Independent Contractors in Resumes?

A resume for an independent contractor is a supplement to your portfolio of work. Your portfolio demonstrates your specific skills to potential employers, and your resume outlines your past freelan... Read More »

Do I Need Workers' Compensation Insurance for Independent Contractors?

Workers' compensation insurance is a policy to project workers if injured on the job. An independent contractor is not an employee. A business who hires independent contractors is not required to c... Read More »