How to Pay Estimated Tax to the IRS?

Answer Most workers work on W-2 incomes. Employers knows their pay rate, and taking that information together with the number of exemptions the worker claims on a W-4 form at work, they can make a reasona... Read More »

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Why is depreciation estimated?

The term "depreciate" means bringing the value down. Every company possesses fixed assets such as plant and machinery, equipment, land, building, etc. Over a period of time, the value of these asse... Read More »

When are estimated taxes due to the IRS?

You generally must pay estimated taxes to the IRS if you're self-employed or otherwise don't have taxes withheld from your earnings. The due dates are as follows: April 15 for earnings from January... Read More »

What is the estimated cost of cloning?

Genetic Savings and Clone charges $50,000 to clone pet cats, but discontinued cloning dogs in 2009 due to unpredictable results. Researchers at Rockefeller University in New York estimate cloning a... Read More »

How to Determine Estimated Home Value?

As a homeowner, it's a smart idea to find out your estimated home value so that you can make decisions about the property. One common reason for determining estimated value is if you plan to sell t... Read More »