How to Pay Beneficiary Taxes on Life Insurance Benefits?

Answer One of the significant reasons people buy life insurance policies is that the death benefit is not added to the taxable estate. This means that life insurance can be used to pay off a mortgage, fun... Read More »

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If you are on disability and become the beneficiary of a life insurance does it affect your benefits?

When you are in receipt of disability living allowance or DLA as it is also known you will also be on another state benefit such as income support or invalidity benefit and when you receive the mon... Read More »

What is a life insurance beneficiary?

A life insurance beneficiary is a person chosen to receive the proceeds of another's life insurance policy, so when the policyholder dies, the beneficiary collects the settlement on the policy. Gen... Read More »

Can a Trust Be a Life Insurance Beneficiary?

Most U.S. jurisdictions allow life insurance trusts, in which a trust is designated as the beneficiary of the life insurance proceeds. However, the settlor (the individual assigning the life insura... Read More »

How to Contest a Life Insurance Beneficiary?

It's more difficult to contest a life insurance beneficiary than a will, because life insurance doesn't go through probate. However, if you can show that the deceased neglected to update the policy... Read More »