How to Patch the Inside of Car Tires?

Answer There is an easy way to patch a damaged tire and there is a proper way to perform the task. A mushroom patch is far superior to string plugs or flat patches and should be used to seal a hole in a t... Read More »

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How to Patch ATV Tires?

Off-roading on your ATV can be a lot of fun until the tire goes flat. Many trails can have unsafe or sharp items that can flatten a tire on your ATV. There is no need to push the ATV all the way ho... Read More »

How to Patch RFT Tires?

A run-flat tire, referred to as an RFT tire, is designed with a very stiff sidewall. The tire is made to buy you enough time to get to a tire shop if you have a flat. Many cars fitted with run-flat... Read More »

How to Patch Tubeless Car Tires?

It has happened to just about everyone. You were going about your day, perhaps stopping at the post office or visiting the grocery store, when you hear it ... a faint hiss. Maybe you saw it first... Read More »

Can you patch run flat tires?

Yes, but the repair of these tires may be best left in the hands of a professional. For example, Michelin PAX tires should only be repaired by an authorized servicing agent according to Edmunds. Ho... Read More »