How to Patch ZSNES Game Genie?

Answer ZSNES is a free Super Nintendo emulator program. An emulator program runs game console games, much like the small computer inside a game console does when you insert a game cartridge or disc. ZSNES... Read More »

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What is a Game Genie?

The Game Genie was a device for a number of older game systems that Nintendo and Sega had created that allowed players to cheat in video games.ManufacturerCodemasters designed the toy and Galoob To... Read More »

Super Street Fighter 2 Cheats for Game Genie?

"Super Street Fighter 2" is a fighting game developed and released by Capcom for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. The game collects a roster of fighters from around the world and pits them ... Read More »

What nation's release of Aladdin did Disney re-cut to have the genie appear as a cricket commentator instead of a game-show host?

How to Put a Patch on a Game?

A patch is an upgrade or fix to your video game. You might require a patch if your game has been receiving an error message. You can also uses patches for modifications to your game such as charact... Read More »