How to Pass the Illinois Basic SkillsTest?

Answer Men and women who are launching a teaching career in Illinois must take and pass the Illinois Basic Skills Test. You must pass the test before you gain entrance into a teacher certification program... Read More »

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How to Pass a Basic Skills Test in Illinois?

Candidates for teaching degrees and education positions in Illinois are often required to take the state's Basic Skills Test, which is administered by the Illinois Certification Testing System (ICT... Read More »

Lowest Score Needed to Pass Illinois Basic Skills Test?

The Illinois Basic Skills is a required test for anyone in Illinois who wants to be a teacher. Scores on the test range from 100 to 300. The minimum passing score of the test is 240, however passin... Read More »

How to Get an Illinois I-Pass?

Many Illinois motorists who use the toll roads on a regular basis choose to get a toll pass known as an I-PASS. The I-PASS transponder is attached to the vehicle's front windshield and allows your ... Read More »

How to Get an Illinois I Pass?

An Illinois I-PASS can save you time and money on toll roads. It's an electronic transponder that's normally affixed to your windshield, which allows you to pass through the toll plaza without stop... Read More »