How to Pass a Note Using a Pen?

Answer Can you believe an entire conversation could fit in here?The "Pen Method" has been known and used by many students, and is considered and easy task. It certainly works effectively, if done well, an... Read More »

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How to Pass a Pencil Note?

One clever way to pass a note in class, is to disguise the note as a pencil. Once you have placed your notes in an empty mechanical pencil, it will be easy to pass it to your friend(s). Your teache... Read More »

How to Pass a Secret Note with a Highlighter?

Have you ever really needed to tell your friend something in the middle of the class and then written a note to them? Of course, teachers have eyes like hawks and often see notes. So how do you wri... Read More »

How to Pass a Note in Class by Using a Crayola Marker?

This is an easier method of passing notes in class. To a teacher, it would look like passing or sharing markers. Its not the best idea to do this when there is not a need for markers for the assign... Read More »

Does a chiropractors note count as a doctors note?

In many jurisdictions Chiropractors are considered primary care physicians for musculoskeletal injuries. Your only option is to call the university administration and ask. If they insist on an MDs ... Read More »