How to Pass Time in Church?

Answer Do you have difficulty sitting still in church? Do you WANT to listen, but have trouble concentrating on the sermon?Here are a few tips to help you pass the time constructively yet without disturbi... Read More »

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How to Respond to a First Time Church Guest?

When you get first time guests in church, first impressions matter and you will be wanting to engage their interest and enfold them into the community so that they feel ready to stay.

How to Pass Time when You've Got Nothing to Do?

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How to Pass Time by Having Fun?

Are you so bored in the day you just wanna take a nap? These Step By step directions will show you how...

How to Plan to Get Everyone in the Wedding Party to the Church on Time?

Most wedding parties consist of a large number of people. Since the success of the ceremony somewhat rides on them being present, it is important to have a plan to get everyone in the wedding party... Read More »