How to Pass Stage 33 on Bloxorz?

Answer "Bloxorz" is a fairly basic -- in execution, anyway -- flash-based puzzle game. Your objective is to move your rectangular brick from one end of the stage and drop it through the hole in the floor ... Read More »

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How to Beat Stage 9 in "Bloxorz"?

"Bloxorz" is a "get from point A to point B" puzzle game with a twist. Instead of guiding a person or animal, you instead have to guide a rectangular block across a puzzle board without falling off... Read More »

How to Play Bloxorz?

This is a fun and slightly challenging game that any one from 10 - 110 can enjoy!

How Do You Switch the Squares in "Bloxorz"?

Bloxorz is a three-dimensional puzzle game wherein the goal is to manipulate a rectangular stone block into a goal hole located somewhere on a series of floating stages. Players must traverse narro... Read More »

What is the difference between single stage&double stage snow throwers?

Snow throwers, also known as snowblowers, do two things. They gobble up snow from wherever you don't want it, and they spit it out someplace else. A single-stage snow thrower does both jobs in one ... Read More »