How to Partition a Drive to Make It Faster?

Answer In Windows 7, partitioning a hard disk drive has a number of benefits. Not only does it give you more than one usable drive on your system, it also makes the computer faster. Enhancing the computer... Read More »

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How to Make G Partition Available on Xbox With Hard Drive Larger Than 137 Gig?

Have a 320 gig hard drive and don't know how to make use of the rest? Here is how to make a G partition.

Can a flash drive make your computer faster?

A flash drive is connected to a computer through a USB port, while system RAM is connected directly to the motherboard of the computer and is designed to be accessed rapidly. To make a computer fa... Read More »

How to Make a Partition Active in Partition Magic?

Hard drives can be partitioned in various ways for different functions. If you want your drive to be bootable, it needs to be partitioned as the "active" partition. When using Norton PartitionMagic... Read More »

Will using a flash drive on my computer make it faster?

I think that if you used a flash drive as RAM, it would help IF your computer is maxing out on memory on your 1 Gb Ram. The computer would use the Flash drive as extra RAM, (virtual ram ) helping ... Read More »