How to Partition External Hard Drives in Snow Leopard?

Answer Hard drive partitions are conceptual divisions made to a single hard drive. Different hard drive partitions appear as separate hard drives when connected to a computer. Partitioning an external har... Read More »

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2 hard drives vs 2 partition on one hard drive?

bro its better to have partition rather then 2 hard drive just install the antivirus software and ur good to go even u can put data on ur OS drive it will not effect any thing unless u install ant... Read More »

How to Partition Hard Drives Using MS-DOS Prompts in Windows XP?

The partitioning and formatting process readies a hard drive for use in a computer. If you are installing a new hard drive on your Windows XP computer or you want to reformat and repartition an old... Read More »

Can you partition an external hard drive?

You can partition a hard drive, but you typically do not have to because most come ready to use with a single partition, according to computer expert Leo Notenboom. You can change partitions by goi... Read More »

How to Tie Two External Hard Drives Into One?

Having two hard drives in two different drive enclosures can be a headache for computer users. They not only take up multiple power outlets but they also hog the peripheral (USB, Firewire or eSata)... Read More »