How to Part Hair for Two-Tone Color?

Answer Giving your hair a two-tone look is not difficult, and this type of hair color is popular with people who want to express their own style and individuality. Two-tone colors are often depicted as bl... Read More »

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How to Tone Down Gray Hair Without Using Hair Color?

Gray hair is actually caused by a lack of color pigment, not the changing of hair color. Gray hair is a natural part of aging, though it can happen at a young age as well. For those who don't want ... Read More »

Based on my skin tone what hair color should I dye my hair?

1) Mahogany 2) Chocolate (dark brown with low lights)3) Red-ish Brown 4) Chocolate brown with 2 shades lighter highlights (Think Jessica Alba):)

How to get two tone hair to one color?

Step away from the PC. I am here to help you....Color is listed in numbers 1 being BLACK all they way to 12 which is light blond. Now what you think is black is actually a dark brown. A nice medium... Read More »

Two-Tone Hair Color Ideas?

An alternative to the more conservative, all-over hair coloring styles is the two-toned hair color look, which is two contrasting, distinct colors playing off each other in the same hair style, suc... Read More »