How to Part Hair for Two-Tone Color?

Answer Giving your hair a two-tone look is not difficult, and this type of hair color is popular with people who want to express their own style and individuality. Two-tone colors are often depicted as bl... Read More »

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Based on my skin tone what hair color should I dye my hair?

1) Mahogany 2) Chocolate (dark brown with low lights)3) Red-ish Brown 4) Chocolate brown with 2 shades lighter highlights (Think Jessica Alba):)

What Can I Use to Tone Down My Hair Color?

Toning down hair color often feels like an emergency, since most people do not want to pay a second time for salon coloring. Fortunately there are ways to do it successfully. Whether you have high... Read More »

How to Tone Down Hair Color?

You may be considering going with a brand new hair color if you are unhappy with your current hairstyle. As an alternative, you may want to simply tone down your hair color. Toning down your hair c... Read More »

How to get two tone hair to one color?

Step away from the PC. I am here to help you....Color is listed in numbers 1 being BLACK all they way to 12 which is light blond. Now what you think is black is actually a dark brown. A nice medium... Read More »