How to Park With a Blue Badge?

Answer A Blue Badge in the United Kingdom is equivalent to a Handicapped Parking Permit in the United States. Both are blue and allow drivers or passengers with physical disabilities to park closer than o... Read More »

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Do you always get a blue peter badge when you try?

How to Get a Blue Peter Badge?

Blue Peter Badges are badges that you have earned for sending things into Blue Peter and saving someone's life or showing extreme bravery etc.The badges are Blue, Gold, Silver, Orange, Green, Purple.

What do you do if you already have a blue peter badge and you want another one?

Depending on what you sent in last time send in something different and they will award you with a Silver badge. If you want a green badge do something to do with the environment and to get a purpl... Read More »

How do you get a blue peter badge?

well you can write to them draw a picture or anythin realy as long as you include them or a pet so simple