How to Pamper My Pooch?

Answer No matter what type or breed of dog you choose to share your life with, you can find many ways to express your affection. Pampering lets your pet know he is cherished. You can do this verbally or t... Read More »

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How to Pamper Your Pooch?

Give your dog a wonderful pamper and make her the happiest dog around! There is nothing more wonderful than spending time on your pet's happiness.

What does screw the pooch mean?

To screw the pooch is to completely mess things up or commit a serious error. According to the website WordOrigins, the first known written appearance of the phrase is in Tom Wolfe’s 1979 book, "... Read More »

What does the phrase"screw the pooch"mean?

Urban Dictionary has several definitions for the phrase "screw the pooch." The most common meaning for this expression is "to make a catastrophic error or failure." It can also mean to ruin a ven... Read More »

What to Give Your Pooch for Dog Diarrhea?

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