How to Paint the Mirrors on a Ford Taurus?

Answer Painting the mirrors on a Ford Taurus is no different than painting the mirrors on any other vehicle. This is a task that can be accomplished by any car owner, but takes more patience than even pai... Read More »

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How to Replace Taurus Mirrors?

The mirrors on a Ford Taurus are necessary for driver vision and safety. Unfortunately, the side view mirrors stick out from the body of the Taurus, making them prone to collisions with constructio... Read More »

How to Paint Auto Side Mirrors?

Painting plastic outside mirrors presents some special problems. The type of plastic used by most manufacturers is high in solvent and oil contents that prevent paint adhesion. That, along with the... Read More »

How to Remove Decorative Paint From Mirrors?

You can use two ways to remove decorative paint from the surface of a mirror. The first method uses harsh chemicals. This method is best for paint that is on the mirror very lightly, such as thin s... Read More »

How to Paint Plastic Auto Side Mirrors?

Over time, paint on an automobile's plastic side mirrors can fade or flake. This occurs for a wide variety of reasons, including breakdown of the paint caused by outdoor temperature extremes, chemi... Read More »