How to Paint the Inside of a Boxed Jeep Frame?

Answer Many Jeep frames are made of hollow pieces of metal. The frame pieces fit together with large bolts screwed through the metal pieces. Over time, rust and other contaminants can get inside the Jeep ... Read More »

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How to Repair Rust on a Jeep Frame?

Rust is the end-result of iron being exposed to moisture in the air. The process takes time and ends up eating away at the metal over time. Protecting your vehicle from rust means maintaining the p... Read More »

Is it Safe to Weld to a Jeep Frame?

Welding to a Jeep is commonly done for aftermarket upgrades such as rock sliders, skid plates and shock mounts. A welder of 115 volts is the minimum recommended by Hobart Welders for any suspension... Read More »

How do I remove photographs that are stuck on the glass inside a picture frame?

Older PhotosTake older black and white photos to a photo lab. There, they may be able to use a wetting agent that will separate the image from the glass. They will then carefully dry the image, and... Read More »

If you paint the walls of a bedroom, do you also paint the inside of the closet?

Whatever floats your boat. It's all to your own taste, and what you like the look of. There is really no hidden rule here.