How to Paint the Front End of Car?

Answer When you need to paint the front end of a car you must mask off all other areas to prevent overspray from getting on the rest of the vehicle. Get matching paint that will make the new paint as inco... Read More »

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Can I paint my front door green?

On One Hand: May Need AuthorizationPainting the front door to a home green is definitely possible. But, depending on where the house is located and whether or not the painter is the owner, authoriz... Read More »

How to Paint The Front of Your House a Different Color?

While some neighbors might disapprove, there are circumstances that might make it acceptable to paint the front of your house a different color from the other sides. Perhaps you want to paint your ... Read More »

Why do some folks paint the front door to their homes red.?

How to Touch Up Front Bumper Cover Paint?

The nature of driving on roads anywhere in the United States has the issue of small bits of debris bouncing up and hitting the front bumper causing paint damage. The smallest of pebbles at 55 miles... Read More »