How to Paint an Engine Restoration?

Answer The keys to every successful paint project are surface preparation, proper coating selection and proper application. When you paint an engine block, the process is complicated by the presence of di... Read More »

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DIY: How to Strip Car Paint for Restoration?

To get that old coat of paint off your car quickly and without spending hours working a sander, turn to chemical stripping. The chemical stripper will remove most of the paint from your car, though... Read More »

How to Paint a Car Engine?

Car tuning isn't just about upgrading parts and improving performance; in fact sometimes it's just about aesthetics. Whether it's adding a body kit or a simple coat of paint, changing your car's ap... Read More »

How to Paint an Engine Bay?

It's inevitable: because you drive your car on the road and not on a pristine surface, your engine bay is going to get dirty and possibly even scratched. Don't despair: paint it. This is something ... Read More »

How to Paint an Engine?

You may have heard the saying, "A Clean Car Runs Better." Well, that is not totally a myth. When you have a clean engine with all the sludge and grease removed, your car will run a little cooler. ... Read More »