How to Paint a Word Picture?

Answer The old cliche states that a picture is worth a thousand words. This may be true, but sometimes it's necessary to paint a word picture using descriptive language that creates a vivid image for the ... Read More »

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How do you make a scanned picture on Microsoft word to a real picture that you can put it as your picture on?

ok .. it can be done .. there is different ways .. dippending on the setuation u have .. try this : - right click on the pic in the word file > copy - then go to any folder on the your computer ... Read More »

How to Paint a Picture With a Pen?

Paint pens are markers that are filled with watercolor or oil paint and have a very absorbent tip. They apply paint in thin, manageable layers, and eliminate the need to clean your brushes between ... Read More »

How to Paint a Picture?

Painting is a fun way to express your feelings. Whether you're happy or sad, you can always paint to get your emotions out on paper. Here's how!

How can you copy one picture on another one in ms word?

No but if you want to do that just go to paint and then do it then copy it into word