How to Paint a Two-toned Color Scheme on Walls?

Answer Painting walls is an easy and inexpensive way to spruce up your décor in just one weekend. To really make your room pop, paint the wall with a two-toned scheme of bold colors that ties in with the... Read More »

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Color Scheme to Decorate Walls?

Nothing impacts the mood of a room like color. Humans associate color with specific emotions, based on their own experiences and memories. With a simple can of paint, you have the power to determin... Read More »

How to Find a Paint Color That Matches the Color Already on My Walls?

Any time repairs are done to your walls--such as filling in a scratch or crack, repairing a pipe leak or fixing an electrical problem--repainting the affected area is part of the process. If you li... Read More »

How many walls should i paint with a different color?

On One Hand: Paint Only One Accent WallPaint only one wall a different color in the kitchen, living room, family room or adult bedroom. This method is commonly referred to as an "accent wall." Acco... Read More »

Im renting, if i cant paint the walls, what can i do to add color to them?

Oh, you can paint the walls, you just have to paint them back to white before you leave. Hang curtains on them, colorful artwork or use color in the pillows and rug.