How to Paint a Tattoo on Your Pet?

Answer Whether you're walking with your dog on a charity stroll or simply having fun on the weekend, a temporary dog tattoo is sure to garner some attention. Promote a cause or cause some smiles by stenci... Read More »

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How to Paint a Tattoo?

You can create a tattoo without the cost, discomfort and time required for getting an authentic tattoo. Modern forms of painted tattooing are done with airbrushing, and this can be a way to start a... Read More »

Why do tattoo haters spend time answering questions in the tattoo section?

Because They are F*cken idiots! they just want to bring people down....dont even listen to them..they believe strongly that "Tattoos" are "Tacky " or "disgusting"..but if you love shou... Read More »

Why do tattoo artists in party places tattoo folks who are drunk?

Tattoo artists are trained *not* to tattoo people who are drunk, for both obvious and health-related reasons that involve risk both to the person being tattooed, and to the artist himself. Those th... Read More »

If one gets a neck tattoo (or facial tattoo for that matter) is one pretty much ever writing off having a job?

My boyfriend has neck tattoos and he has had trouble in the past trying to get a job. Even a warehouse job turned him away due to his neck tattoos. It depends on the job field your trying to go int... Read More »