How to Paint a Simple Dandelion?

Answer Dandelions are considered weeds, but they are also a symbol of spring, hope, youth, strength, freedom, fertility, abundance and happiness. As a flower, they are bright, wild, yellow and vibrant. On... Read More »

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How to Paint a Face as a Simple Dog or Cat?

Face painting is an easy and fun way to pretend to be something else, especially for children. Face painting can be as simple as coloring the entire face in a basic color, such as a green face to p... Read More »

How to Make a Simple Flower With Paint.Net?

Very Pretty flower made with Paint.NetSometimes, you don't need something that is ornate or fancy. Sometimes, you would like something easier. Or maybe you want to make some brushes for that 'other... Read More »

How to Make Simple Pixels in Microsoft Paint?

Make the simplest but best pixels in the simplest program! Microsoft Paint! Now you can be a pixel artist, too!

How to Use Simple Green to Remove Automotive Paint?

Automotive paint can get transferred to several different types of surfaces such as clothes, towels, carpets, and floors. Simple Green is a product known to remove a multitude of different types of... Read More »