How to Paint a Picture of a Martini Glass?

Answer Learning to paint can be overwhelming at first, as you try to make your paintings look like the items you're recreating. A martini glass, however, is a simple object that is easy to paint, due to i... Read More »

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How to Hold a Martini Glass?

Holding a martini glass by the stem ensures that you don’t warm the chilled drink in the glass. The bowl of the glass keeps the drink cold while emphasizing its aromatic elements.

How to Chill a Martini Glass?

Since martinis taste best when they are served chilled, it is important to chill the glass before you pour the martini in. Chilling the glass will help to ensure the martini stays cold while it is ... Read More »

How can I get a picture off that is stuck to the glass of the picture frame?

vinegar, hairspray.anything with alcohol in it.put it on a cloth and soak the sticker,hold the cloth on the sticker.until you see that it was,soaked,then start scraping it off be careful you don't ... Read More »

What does it mean when people say "ill have a martini, dirty.....or martini please....dry."?

First off, a classic Martini is made with Gin, not Vodka. Vodka became popular after the James Bond 007 films, in which Sean Connerry's character ordered his "Vodka Martini, shaken, not stirred."Su... Read More »