How to Paint a Picture With a Pen?

Answer Paint pens are markers that are filled with watercolor or oil paint and have a very absorbent tip. They apply paint in thin, manageable layers, and eliminate the need to clean your brushes between ... Read More »

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How to Paint a Picture?

Painting is a fun way to express your feelings. Whether you're happy or sad, you can always paint to get your emotions out on paper. Here's how!

How do I paint a picture on an old window?

Create the DesignSketch the design you want on a piece of paper the same size as the window glass. Wash the glass with glass cleaner, then remove residual grease with rubbing alcohol and a lint-fre... Read More »

How to Paint a Whale Picture?

Whales are fascinating creatures. Although they have many characteristics of fish, they are mammals just like humans or elephants. Whales live in the water but breathe air. Because of their need fo... Read More »

How to Trace a Picture in MS Paint?

This article would benefit from screenshots. You can help wikiHow by reading Take Screenshots for wikiHow for instructions. Notice added on {{{date}}}. PencilsWant to draw a picture in MS Paint, by... Read More »