How to Paint a Chevy Truck?

Answer For the do-it-yourselfer that lurks deep inside many of us, home projects can be fun and rewarding. Fixing cars, painting houses, landscaping and other activities can all be done by the amateur han... Read More »

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How to Paint a 1984 Chevy Truck?

After years of wear and tear, painting any truck can help bring restore value and good looks. The paint on many cars and trucks will wear away after awhile and be lost to rust. Painting a 1984 Chev... Read More »

Will a 1981 chevy hood fit on a 1979 chevy truck?

The hood from a 1981 will not interchange with a 1979 Chevy truck. The hood and front fenders from a 1973 to 1980 Chevy will interchange. The 1979 door will fit the 1981 if it is from the same type... Read More »

How many gallons of paint does it take to paint a small truck?

The amount of paint needed to paint a small truck varies, but in most cases it will only take about 2 gallons to cover the entire surface of the truck and apply any touch-ups or adjustments to the ... Read More »

How to Hand Paint a Truck With Metallic Paint?

In the years before paint spray guns came into common usage in the 1920s, cars and trucks were painted and repainted by hand. Brush painting, also called coach painting, is a lost art that requires... Read More »