How to Paint a Car With Tremclad?

Answer Tremclad paint is a type of paint used for painting cars. A new paint job on a car can add beauty and elegance to the car for minimal costs. An old car can be made to look brand new. With a little ... Read More »

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Can Tremclad paint be used on fiberglass?

You can use Tremclad paint on fiberglass, but the intended surface for Tremclad paint is metal. Tremclad is a rust paint that is used to revive metal surfaces and protect them from rust. Instead, u... Read More »

How would you paint a vinyl umbrella The red on your outdoor umbrella has faded and the umbrella is only 2 years old Is there something you can mix with acrylic paint to paint the umbrella?

Answer I understand that auto shops carry spray paint for vinyl.

How do I paint over gloss oil based paint with semigloss latex?

Prepare the SurfacePrepare the surface with a thorough cleaning. The paint and primer you choose may recommend specific cleaning products. Sand the surface of the glossy oil-based paint to improve ... Read More »

When can you paint over missed bits with latex paint?

Follow instructions on the paint can for drying time between coats. For latex paints, this is usually about 45 minutes. Use this time frame to allow coats of paint to dry before touching up any mis... Read More »