How to Paint Wood Floors White?

Answer Wood floors look strikingly beautiful when they are brand new. Unfortunately, over time, these floors can begin to show the weathered signs of long-term duress. If you would like to rejuvenate your... Read More »

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How do i paint wood floors white?

Preparing the Floor for PaintClean the wood floor thoroughly with a vacuum cleaner and broom to ensure all dust and dirt particles are removed completely. Wipe down the entire floor to remove all o... Read More »

How to Paint Color on Wood Floors?

A fresh coat of paint can revive an old floor and hide stains and discoloration when replacing the floor is not an option. Before you begin to paint the wood, it must be clean and properly prepared... Read More »

How do I paint wood floors black?

Clean and Dust FreeClean the floor of all dirt, wax and surface oils or the paint will not adhere. Try to remove any excesses built up in major gaps in the flooring as well. Most products to clean ... Read More »

Removing Old Paint From Wood Floors?

Removing old paint from wood floors is a fairly straightforward process that you can complete quickly, depending on the size of the floor in question. In many old houses, you may find that the prev... Read More »