How to Paint With Foam Sticks?

Answer If you're planning on decoupaging a box or painting a cabinet, try using foam sticks. These brushes have an absorbent foam pad instead of bristles and are ideal for applying glue, varnish and paint... Read More »

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How to Paint the Air With Glow Sticks?

Glow sticks are a fixture of social events taking place at night and in dark settings. You're as likely to find them at trendy nightclubs populated by the over-21 crowd as you are at a children's p... Read More »

What kind of paint sticks to plastic?

Paint does not stick to plastic very easily. The plastic must be prepared in readiness for painting. There is a new paint, however, that makes painting plastic easier than before.PrimingPlastic sho... Read More »

How do I paint polyurethane foam?

Paint interior applications of polyurethane foam with oil-based paint products for stronger adhesion and durability. Brush on an oil-based primer and allow it to dry. Rollers are not effective at g... Read More »

Can you paint craft foam?

Craft foam can be painted if you use paint that is specifically designed to work with the foam. Regular acrylic craft paint won't work because it will not stick to the foam and will flake off as it... Read More »