How to Paint Window Trim on an Integra?

Answer The window trim on an Acura Integra is black and made of a flexible rubber material. This window trim can become faded over time, looking gray. Regular paint and even automotive paint can be used o... Read More »

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How to Remove Window Trim From an Integra?

People who prefer to drive their Integra with the windows open, even when it rains or snows, may be motivated to install window trim. The trim is a thin, plastic sheet that runs along the top edge ... Read More »

How do i paint old wood exterior window trim?

PreparationUse a scraper to remove peeling paint, bubbles and splintered wood. If the surface has rot damage or holes, patch them with a filler that is graded for exterior use. Make any other neede... Read More »

How do I prepare exterior wood window trim to paint?

Wash and DryWash your exterior wood paint with a pressure washer or high-pressure garden hose and a solution of dish detergent. Allow the trim to dry thoroughly over several days.Scrape and RinseSc... Read More »

How do I Install Window Visors on an Integra?

Window visors are designed to allow you to keep the windows slightly rolled down on your Acura Integra despite the weather. The visors provide a cover over the top few inches of the window so that ... Read More »