How to Paint White Vinyl Siding?

Answer White vinyl siding can be difficult to paint because it contracts and expands depending on the weather. Because of this, the paint can chip and break off if applied improperly. All the work you put... Read More »

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Can I paint vinyl siding?

New methods of cleaning vinyl siding with the right cleaners and using special primers and very forgiving paint has made painting vinyl siding not only possible but also as easy as painting wood si... Read More »

Can you paint vinyl siding?

Vinyl siding has traditionally been difficult to paint. That's because it is a nonporous material, too slick to allow the paint to set on it. Today there are several excellent paint options for you... Read More »

What paint should be used for vinyl siding?

On One Hand: Use the Right PaintVinyl siding paint should be a latex paint with a blend of urethane and acrylic resin. According to Reader's Digest, "getting paint to stick to vinyl is a challenge ... Read More »

Can you clean white vinyl siding with bleach?

While bleach will remove dirt and kill any mold on the vinyl siding, it also kills plant life around the vinyl. The bleach will run off the siding while you are cleaning it or while it's being rins... Read More »