How to Paint Wheel Rims?

Answer Many automotive enthusiasts paint their wheel rims to make their vehicles stand out from the rest. A thin band of contrasting rim color can add flair to a dark colored wheel. Wheel rims are normall... Read More »

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How to Refinish Wheel Rims?

A wheel rim is the outer part of the metal center of the wheel, on which the tire is mounted. The inside part of the tire sits on the metal circular part of the wheel and the rim. When it comes to ... Read More »

How to Replace Wheel Rims?

A tire rim is the part of the car that holds the tire. In effect, the rims are the real wheels of the car. Enthusiasts often update their cars by adding custom chrome or carbon-fiber rims. If you a... Read More »

About Wheel Rims?

Your car may have a powerful engine, great body and trim, but without wheel rims, all that would be of no use. Wheel rims are designed not only to fit a tire on so your car can roll down the road, ... Read More »

How to Clean Wheel Rims?

Car or wheel rims attract dirt, brake dust and road grime. These materials can sit on your rims and, in addition to looking unattractive, can even corrode the metal. Regular washing won't always re... Read More »