How to Paint Using an Automotive Clear Eggshell?

Answer Automotive clear eggshell is a color of paint that is typically used for automotive purposes including painting a car. Painting with this type of paint is no different from using any other color. T... Read More »

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DIY Automotive Paint & Clear Coat?

Painting and applying clear coat paint to a car can be expensive if done at a paint or repair shop. The hours of labor for which you must pay, consists mostly of preparation for the paint job. The ... Read More »

How to Care for Automotive Clear Coat Paint?

Having a new paint job is like starting over with your car. It's fresh and new, ready for you to make sure it never gets chipped, scratched or damaged. Caring for the clear coat on that paint job i... Read More »

How to Remove Oxidized Clear Coat Automotive Paint?

The paint on a vehicle is supposed to feel smooth as glass and look glossy and shiny. Unfortunately, when the clear coat becomes oxidized, it feels rough and looks very dull and flat. Oxidation is ... Read More »

Can I paint eggshell paint over satin?

You can apply eggshell paint over paint with a satin sheen. If you are painting walls, you will need to apply two coats of eggshell, or you will end up with a streaky finish. If you plan to paint w... Read More »