How to Paint Someone Under Water?

Answer Painting someone at the best of times is tricky, let alone when they are underwater. Of course, they cannot stay there so it is best to work from a photograph or picture to have a reference to work... Read More »

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Techniques for How to Spray Paint Over Water Paint?

Whether the subsurface you are painting is water-based or oil-based, the same process applies when spraying paint on top of it. Proper preparation is necessary to prevent the top coat from peeling.... Read More »

Can acrylic paint be used over water-soluble oil paint?

Using different types of paint in the same art project is an example of using mixed media. Acrylic paint can be used over water-soluble oil paint, but it's best to let the oil paint dry first since... Read More »

Can you mix water&latex paint to make more paint?

Adding water to latex paint makes it runny. It won't be thick enough to cover surfaces. It causes streaks. It also becomes too light to stick to walls. Latex paint is water based, according to dund... Read More »

What paint is used to paint on rubber in water?

The best option for painting rubber surfaces that will be submerged in water is an epoxy resin paint, which is often sold for painting pools and spas. For best results, scratch the surface with san... Read More »