How to Paint Rally Stripes?

Answer Kits can be purchased with stencils from auto body suppliers to paint rally stripes on a car. If you are attempting to paint the type of rally stripes that were originally associated with the make... Read More »

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How to Paint Stripes on an RV?

Painting stripes on an RV isn't any different than painting them on anything else -- hypothetically, anyway. Even a small RV is far too large to estimate stripe placement and detail work, which mea... Read More »

How to Paint Bonnet Stripes?

Painting stripes onto your car bonnet, better known in the U.S. as the hood, can update your paint job and give an old car a new look. Some older cars would have had bonnet stripes or racing stripe... Read More »

How to Paint Wheel Stripes?

Painting stripes on wheels is a fun way to add an element of interest to your vehicle's wheels. Painting the stripes is a simple process that requires few tools. The main materials needed for this ... Read More »

How to Paint Stripes on a Car With Stencils?

If you have some car stencil tape, you can easily paint some unique stripes on your vehicle. You will need some basic equipment that you can buy at any auto supply store. One benefit of painting yo... Read More »