How to Paint Pontoon Boats?

Answer Pontoon boats are typically made from aluminum cylinders; this makes them easy to produce, as well as affordable. Saltwater and other contaminants in bodies of water can eat away at the finish of t... Read More »

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How to Repair Pontoon Boats?

Pontoon boats are increasing in popularity and allow both newcomers and experienced sailors plenty of enjoyable hours afloat. Old, traditional pontoon boats were normally made of wood, but newer mo... Read More »

Do pontoon boats need a bilge pump?

Pontoon boats don't have a bilge--the part of the underwater body of a ship between the flat of the bottom and the vertical topsides. When there is no bilge, there is no need for a bilge pump.Refer... Read More »

How to Paint an Aluminum Pontoon Railing?

Most everyone has seen the pictures of a pontoon boat floating through the Everglades as the tourists look for alligators. And what are the sightseers usually doing as they peer over the sides? Hol... Read More »

Can enamel paint be used over epoxy paint on boats?

Yes you can paint over epoxy paint on a boat using enamel. However, you must use an oil-based marine enamel paint and sand the boat thoroughly before applying the new coat.References:Painting Tips ... Read More »