How to Paint Over a Chip in a Plastic Bumper?

Answer Chips occur when a rock or other item hits the vehicle and removes a piece of paint. Chips in the paint can be more difficult to repair than the typical scratch in the paint of a plastic bumper. Re... Read More »

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How to Repair a Chip in a Plastic Bumper?

Body work on an automobile can be costly. A small chip or crack in the bumper of your car may not affect the way it drives, but it doesn't do much for the aesthetics. You can avoid costly repairs a... Read More »

How to Repair a Rock Chip on a Plastic Car Bumper?

Rocks can cause damage to your vehicle while driving, particularly to the areas lowest to the ground, such as your bumper. If your plastic bumper has a chip from a rock, you can restore the bumper ... Read More »

How to Paint a New Plastic Car Bumper?

Whether your car's plastic bumper has a few scratches or large areas of peeling paint, you can fix it at home for much less than you could if you took it in to a body shop. Doing it yourself isn't ... Read More »

How to Paint a Plastic Bumper?

Plastic bumpers are so different in composition that one type of paint will work perfectly on one type of plastic bumper, but melt the surface of another plastic bumper. This is due to compositiona... Read More »