How to Paint Over Rust?

Answer Rust occurs when oxygen and moisture react with metal to corrode and weaken the surface. If this process continues unabated, it can weaken the metal to a point where it will break. Light cars and t... Read More »

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Can I paint over rust with no problems?

You should remove all rust and prepare a surface with a rust-inhibiting primer before painting or the paint will peel or not adhere. Rust-conversion products are available for special applications,... Read More »

How paint chain link fence Is sand-blasting rust practical What kind of paint primer to use on rusted areas Is it better to spray or use a roller How do I control over-spray Thanks Big Kahuna?

Can I use a paint pad with Rust-oleum hammered silver paint?

A paint pad is a useful tool when it comes to painting in tight corners, but using one to apply Rust-oleum hammered paint will smooth out the intended hammered texture. Rust-oleum recommends holdin... Read More »

Can I Paint Flat Paint Over Freshly Painted Satin Paint on Interior Walls?

Do-it-yourselfers can paint over walls coated with freshly applied satin paint. However, they should understand a few points before they begin, or they are likely to end up with peeling or bleed-th... Read More »