How to Paint Over Clear Coat on a Van?

Answer A paint job on a van requires preparation. To attain a proper finish and adhesion of the paint, sand down to the bare metal for the best results. This is not an option in some cases, however, so if... Read More »

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How to Paint Custom Graphics on a Motorcycle Over a Clear Coat?

Painting custom graphics on your motorcycle is a definite way to spice up your ride and add a touch of your own personality. One of the best ways to add your own custom graphics is to paint each of... Read More »

How to Apply Single Stage Paint Over Clear Coat?

Single stage paint is a type of automotive paint that only requires one step. The paint mixture does not require a clear coat painted on top of the base coat for protection, because the base and cl... Read More »

Can you put self-etching primer over clear coat&paint?

You can put self-etching primer over clear coat and paint, but it is not advised. Self-etching primer is meant to be used before painting to help the paint adhere to the surface better. If self-e... Read More »

How to Spot-Repair the Paint Base Coat and Clear Coat?

Popular Mechanics offers some assurance for those who find ghastly scratches on their cars: Many of these scratches can be repaired with some buffing and sanding. In general, most car scratches pen... Read More »