How to Paint Fiberglass Bumpers?

Answer Fiberglass is durable material used for many applications, one of the most common of which are fiberglass bumpers. Over time, though, the paint on bumpers can fade, requiring that they be repainted... Read More »

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How to Paint Rubber Bumpers?

Even though the paint used on rubber bumpers is flexible, it will still crack and flake after most impacts, even minor ones. The sun also plays havoc on rubber bumper paint, bleaching it and making... Read More »

How to Paint Urethane Bumpers?

Urethane bumpers -- or, properly, "polyurethane" bumpers -- are simply plastic bumpers or bumper covers. Plastic bumpers gained acceptance in the automotive industry because of their ability to pro... Read More »

How to Paint Chrome Bumpers?

Painting over chrome may seem easy, but after a short amount of time, the paint will flake off and reveal the chrome underneath. Painting chrome involves a different process than painting regular m... Read More »

The Best Paint for Truck Bumpers?

Whether you want to give your truck a new look, or to simply repair a few scratches and nicks, there is a bumper paint for every need. Trucks with polyurethane bumpers could make do with a coat of... Read More »