How to Paint Chrome Emblems Black?

Answer Chrome emblems may look great when they're shiny and new or in good shape. Over time, though, they can become dull and pitted from lack of proper care. Chrome emblems also have a bright look that m... Read More »

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How to Remove Black Chrome Car Emblems?

Over the course of a vehicle's lifetime, it will likely acquire a number of dealership and manufacturer badges or emblems. These decals designate a vehicle's model, manufacturer and original locati... Read More »

Can you paint chrome rims black?

Chrome rims can be painted black. The paint will adhere to the rim better if the chrome is either sandblasted or hand sanded to dull the chrome, followed by a coat of primer, before painting.Refere... Read More »

How to Create Your Own Chrome Emblems?

Every car manufacturer puts an emblem on every car they create. The emblem can be cheap plastic on lower end cars, chrome, or even silver and gold on top of the line cars, though that's rare. Desig... Read More »

How to Blacken Chrome Emblems?

Customizing chrome emblems on your car can give your automobile a unique look and make for a creative project to complete in your spare time. Blackening a chrome emblem gives a distinctive look whe... Read More »