How to Paint Auto Trim?

Answer Many vehicles come from the factory with sleek paint jobs but dull, unpainted black or gray trim. The dull trim is usually found on the mirrors, windows, the lower portion of the front and rear bum... Read More »

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Is it okay to paint the trim around the oven door on an electric stove and if so what kind of paint should be used?

Answer Ovens and the area around them get very warm and paint might have a hard time staying applied over a long period of time. Also it might be difficult to prevent brush strokes.On the other han... Read More »

Can you use paint thinner to remove paint from wood trim?

Yes you can use paint thinner to remove the paint on the wood.2nd Answer:No, paint thinner will not remove paint from anything. Most paint is now water-based, anyway. Paint thinner does just what t... Read More »

I want to paint my kitchen. Is it better to paint the trim first or the walls/?

I found it was easier to paint trim first. The reason why is that the trim has a surface that is not flat and I tend to make more mistakes. If you tape the wall to help with the trim paint, the adh... Read More »

How to Fix Auto Trim?

It is not uncommon for the exterior auto trim on a car to become loose and hang down. When this happens the best strategy is to remove the trim before it falls off going down the road, clean the as... Read More »